Medium (intermediate) quiz questions for the ESL classroom

Medium difficulty EFL, TEFL, CELTA English as a foreign language trivia and quiz questions (INTERMEDIATE)

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FOOD AND DRINK (intermediate ESL TEFL English as a foreign language food and drink quiz questions)

1. Apples, Bananas, Pears and Oranges are all what type of food? Fruit

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (intermediate ESL TEFL English as a foreign language general knowledge quiz questions)

1. How many dots are there in total on one dice? 21
2. What is the square root of 81? 9
3. What S is glass made from? Sand
4. What is the most common hair colour in the world? Black
5. Who invented the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell or Thomas Edison? Alexander Graham Bell
6. How many weeks are there in a year? 52
7. How many days are there in a year? 365

GEOGRAPHY (intermediate ESL TEFL English as a foreign language geography quiz questions)
1. In which country is Mount Everest? Nepal
2. Which continent has the biggest population? Asia
3. What is the capital city of New Zealand? Wellington
4. In which continent is the Sahara desert? Africa
5. Name the two longest rivers in the world. Amazon and Nile
6. Which ocean is to the east of Africa? Indian Ocean
7. How many continents are there on Earth? 7
8. What country do Dutch people come from? Holland
9. Which one of the following countries is in South America, Mexico, Spain, Madagascar or Peru? Peru
10. What is the capital of Japan? Tokyo

LANGUAGE (intermediate ESL TEFL English as a foreign language language quiz questions)

1. Which of these is a Vowel, G E B or C? E
2.What do we call a book of words and meanings? A dictionary

MUSIC (intermediate ESL TEFL English as a foreign language music quiz questions)

1. Which pop singer married British movie director Guy Ritchie? Madonna
2. Which rock group did George Harrison belong to? The Beatles
3. Which classical composer became deaf near the end of his life? Beethoven
4. How many strings does a bass guitar usually have? Four
5. In what country did reggae music originate? Jamaica
6. How many instruments are there in a string quintet? Five
7. How many strings are there on a violin? 4

NATURE (intermediate ESL TEFL English as a foreign language Nature quiz questions)

1. How many arms does a starfish usually have? 5
2. What food comes from bees and tastes good on toast? Honey
3. What is a baby frog known as? A tadpole

SCIENCE AND MATHS (intermediate ESL TEFL English as a foreign language science and math quiz questions)

1. Blood is filtered by which pair of organs? The Kidneys
2. Which planet is the fifth from the sun? Jupiter
3. Who developed the theory of relativity? Albert Einstein
4. Which chemical element is represented by the symbol N? Nitrogen
5. In which part of a living cell is DNA found? Nucleus
6. Which travel faster, light or sound waves? Light waves
7. Which sign means equals in Maths? =
8. Name a planet that has rings around it. Jupiter / Saturn
9. True or False, The sun is a star. True
10. What does the earth revolve around? The Sun
11. What revolves around teh earth? The moon
12. Which of these is NOT a primary colour, Red, Yellow, Orang, Blue? Orange

SPORTS (intermediate ESL TEFL English as a foreign language sports quiz questions)

1. What is longest running race in the Olympic Games called? The Marathon
2. In snooker, what is the colour of the last ball potted? Black
3. In which sport can you throw a 'curve ball'? Baseball
4. Name two sports played on a pitch. Football, Cricket etc. etc.

TECHNOLOGY (intermediate ESL TEFL English as a foreign language technology quiz questions)
1. Who makes 'Playstation' Games consoles? Sony

TV and FILM (intermediate ESL TEFL English as a foreign language film and TV quiz questions)
1. Who is Batman's sidekick? Robin
2. In which Country do the Simpsons live?

WHO, WHERE, WHAT AM I? (intermediate ESL TEFL English as a foreign language who am I? quiz questions)

I am black, white and look like a horse. What am I? A Zebra
I am a cold place where Santa lives. Where am I? North Pole
3. I am pink, I live on a farm, I like mud and I give you bacon, what am I? a pig
Sometimes I am a breakfast food, I go in cakes, cookies, and many other things. I come from many animals but normally chickens. I have a hard shell. What am I? An egg
5. I am full of Ink and used to write, what am I? A pen
6. I am worn on your wrist and used to tell the time. What am I?
7. I start life as a caterpiller, then become a cocoon, what am I now? A butterfly
8. I start life as a tadpole, What am I now? A frog


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